The Everest E-Collar Strap + Why Our Customers Love It!

The Everest E-Collar Strap + Why Our Customers Love It!

We're are avid users of the Mini Educator by E collar Technologies, but I didn't quite love the strap that it came with so I came up with a new design and that's when The Everest E-Collar Strap was 2022. 

The e collar strap that comes with your device from the manufacturer doesn't contain a bungee which doesn't allow for a snug fit. You get multiple holes to choose from, hoping one fits well enough that is snug but not too snug...or too loose. The hair tie bungee collars sold all over Etsy were snapping open and also ripping out Jade's fur since. 

I searched all over the internet to see if my idea was already a thing, turns out it wasn't and I didn't see anything like it. I knew I had to make this happen and so it begin - sourcing snaps, buckles, thinner webbing to fit the device easier (because the standard straps sold online are 2.5mm and ours are thinner making it slide through easier)! Then we hit a few roadblocks with suppliers - we had some buckle problems and then an entire batch of 10,000 snaps that weren't holding as strong as the previous ones. Money was wasted, stress levels increased, but I knew it could be better with the right materials. I learned a few things and improved the strap, which is now only made with authentic cobra buckles. Our snaps have been changed to a new one, they sit more flush to the strap making them not pop off easily. I will continue to perfect this product if any issues come up, it has become the go to strap for thousands of customers! 

How to Assemble - Our Everest strap is a lightweight, easy to use collar. When you receive it, you unscrew the chicago screw to slide your device on and reposition the chicago screw in the hole that works best for your pup. I recommend adding your device, snapping the system on the first (and largest) setting and wrapping the strap around your pups neck while holding onto it, but not yet tightening it. You can see which hole lines up best for a snug fit - but remember you still have 2 snap positions (or 1 if you have a pup with an 11" neck and smaller) to tighten it as well. The bungee system allows for a snug fit. Once you get the holes adjusted to your dogs size you can just buckle it and snap it snug for fast and easy use.

If you're a visual person like me, you can view the reel of the everest here!

A few more details..
- HydraFlex waterproof strap - choose from 3/4" or 1" width based on your device width. The strap fits most devices on the market with some exceptions. If your device is attached to a strap with holes, it will not work. The strap is designed to slide through the openings on a device. We can however customize a version for you if needed, shoot us an email 
- Authentic Cobra Buckles which are lightweight aluminum quick release buckle with stainless steel components and a break strength of 800lbs. 
- Quick drying bungee + snap system with 2" adjustability range for a snug fit. 
- A removable Chicago screw to add your own device to the strap and adjust sizing if necessary with 6 extra holes. Extra screw packs are available when checking out! 
- No D Ring - this collar does not contain a d ring and has nothing to clip into. It is designed to be used only with an e-collar device on your pet. We do however sell tag holders which can slide onto this strap and hold a name tag! 
Please Note - When you receive the collar, it will be too large until you add your device on. The device will take up some of the strap and reduce the size.
Always consult a professional dog trainer when introducing an e collar to your dog. 

What a few of our customers are can read all the reviews here

Best E-Collar Strap on the Market!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ As a professional trainer, I can confidently say this is by far the best e-collar strap I have ever used! It's gorgeous, quality made, and easy to use. I love how the elastic is a wide strap, rather than a bungee ring, which can cause hair breakage and/or sores. The HydraFlex is soft, lightweight, and very pliable. Unlike the factory strap that was literally making my dog's hair break where his remote collar sat. The authentic Cobra buckles are amazing, and allow you to quickly snap the collar on and off, but your dog won't be able to scratch it off like they can with traditional buckles. The wait time can be a bit of a bummer, but it is WELL worth it. I cannot recommend these e-collar straps enough!

Dogtra E Collar Strap

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This was such a great investment. Rocky seems to wear his collar more comfortably and it is much easier to put on. I also like that it can easily be adjusted and has some give. It sits perfectly on his neck with his regular collar and bandana.

The Perfect Collar

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I'm totally blown away by the quality of this collar

We ordered one in Sage (3/4" width) to use with an E-Collar RX-050
Collar fits the unit perfectly. The collar fits her perfectly.
And, WOW - that Cobra buckle is crazy useful, perfectly engineered
The collar material itself is soft, elegant and yet feels super durable.
It's well worth the wait - I just wish I ordered this years ago!!
I would've ordered the Monarch (+ Fi version) but I didn't want to leave the e-collar on her for extended periods or have to swap the Fi from adventure collar to home collar but I'm now rethinking that..
I'm hoot + co for life now, thanks guys!

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