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Freeze Dried Duck Head

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Light Chew

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Freeze drying is a perseveration method which gives you a dried product that is 98% nutritionally equivalent to being fresh or frozen. During the freeze dry process the food hits temperatures as low at -40 degrees while building pressure in the drum. This pressure causes sublimation to the food which removes all the moisture from the food. You can easily transform freeze dried foods back to their original raw state simply by adding the produce to warm water. Freeze dried bone in items are safe to feed as they are not brittle because they are not cooked bones.

Dehydrated treats are heated in a unit similar to an oven where a fan circulates the warm air around the food inside the unit. Temperatures range from 50 - 160 degrees. If you are feeding a dehydrated bone in item to your dog, you should know that most dehydrated bones are recommended for dogs who lightly chew on the item and not for those power chewers who are trying to swallow the item.

As always, when feeding your dog a chew you need to provide supervision and only offer the proper size chew for the individual dog.

Due to international customs, treats + chews may not be shipped internationally. 

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