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The Summit Leash / All-in-one + Hands Free


$ 54.99

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It's the only leash you'll ever want to use! At Hoot + Co we decided that leather is not an option for us. Although the collars + leashes look clean, simple, and are soft to touch like leather, we use a durable coated webbing. The benefits of our webbing include - Waterproof, Mold-proof, Stinkproof , Durable , Fade Resistant , Easy to Clean - Soap + Water Recommended!


- 5/8" Width + Bolt Clasp 

- 6' Standard Leash 

- 3.5' Leash when clipped end to end 

- Hands Free option, including around the waist, cross-body, or clipped onto a stroller. 

- Coupler Leash, attach each end to a pup's collar. Add on a training handle here to clip to the extra D ring for a convenient handle! 

* Please note we do not recommend using this as a cable tie out for an extended time. A fixed object can hold much stronger than a human and possibly hurt your pet if they pull it too hard. We always recommend a cable tie out rated for the weight of your pet. 

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