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Coupler Leash Set - All Colors


$ 55.99

The perfect leash for walking two dogs! Our coupler is designed to be clipped onto two pets, one on each clasp and we provide you with the matching short leash to clip to both! You can also unclip one coupler and use it as a standard leash or unclip both and use the handle as a short leash! All the bolt clasps swivel to prevent tangling. With this set you get both couplers at fixed lengths of 2' and the choice of your short leash at 2', 3', or 4' to accompany it. 

Although the collars + leashes look clean, simple, and are soft to touch like leather, we use a durable coated webbing.

- Mold-proof

- Stinkproof 

- Durable 

- Fade Resistant 

- Easy to Clean - Soap + Water Recommended

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