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'The Faces of Hoot + Co' - An Ongoing Model Opportunity

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With all the success from our recent Instagram contest, #HootNewYearNewAdventure, we've decided to continue the model opportunities here at Hoot + Co. We want to include as many new faces as we can this year and your opportunity starts now! Please note - These model opportunities will be temporary spots in which you will be given a few items within a given time frame to help promote! Ex: You may be chosen to help promote our fall collection. For this we would expect you to continuously help promote throughout the season! These means more features and exposures for you!

Their are a few requirements:

1. You must have a dog or cat to photograph that is owned by you and/or your family.

2. High quality photos are a must! We typically use your photos for all our social media platforms, website, and sometimes in print. A DSLR camera is recommended.

3. Interaction - We continuously try to interact with our customers, old and new to stay in touch. We love getting emails with customer photos and always keep in mind those who send us them. We strive to keep contact and check in, but sometimes we get busy. Drop in and stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram! 

4. This doesn't mean you must currently own Hoot + Co products. We understand that not everyone has the extra money to purchase items for their pets so even those who don't own Hoot + Co may enter and will have an equal chance at being chosen. 

5. You must be at least 16 years of age to be considered. Those under 18 must have permission from a parent or guardian. 

Now onto suggestions:

1. Be patient. I wish I could choose all of you, all the time, but I can't. Models will be chosen using our hashtag #HootandCoModel. You must include in your caption, 'An entry for #HootandCoModel' on NEW posts only - a maximum of 10 per month. Please do not spam it with your entire feed on every photo or you will be disqualified. We will announce when we're actively searching but we will continuously be checking the hashtag for entires.

2. Be ACTIVE on Instagram, our main source of interaction. We won't choose models who post only once or twice a month. 

3. We will look at your entire Instagram profile to get a better idea of your photography and overall style. We prefer outdoor nature shots, but it isn't mandatory. 

4. Don't model for 10 other shops. Those who have a discount code for shops that sell nearly the same items will probably not get chosen. It's not because we don't support other shops, but in the world of small business, it's tough out there. We want models who back our brand and are willing stick with us on our journey!

5. Be friendly! We can only chose so many accounts throughout the year, but if we see anyone bashing another person because they were not chosen you will be disqualified indefinitely.

If you have questions about our ongoing model opportunities, please email Please understand we have many emails to go through on a daily basis and we cannot individually respond to emails or DMs that repetitively ask to model for Hoot + Co. Follow the rules + suggestions for your best chance at getting a spot and we look forward to seeing you in Hoot + Co in 2017!




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