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A little backstory #tbt

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You’re probably curious why I named my company Hoot + Co, aren’t you? I’ll tell you this, it didn’t start off as Hoot + Co! In fact, I was 50% of Hammers & Hooks with my sister before Hoot + Co even started. Hammers & Hooks was originally hand stamping (Hammers) and crocheting (Hooks), but we quickly realized selling two completely different products under one business was not good for SEO (search engine optimization). I also quickly realized that although crocheting was relaxing and fun, it was too time consuming and wasn’t going to work out.

Lindsay continued Hammers & Hooks as her own business and I moved on. I would’ve stuck around and helped her, but I couldn’t stamp straight for the life of me, ha.  Although Hammers & Hooks is no longer active, you can check what she used to make on IG @hammersandhooks. She was amazing at stamping and Lady is still sporting her own custom tag that she’s had a couple years now. She’s still amazing and now runs @colorpoppaper (if you’re a planner girl)!

Back to the story….

So one day my brother who is a graphic designer came over to visit and handed me a logo and name, Hoot + Co. It was simple, easy to remember, and it flowed well. Did it have to do with dog products? Not necessarily, but I loved it and started brainstorming. I had an $65 sewing machine, a dining table that quickly became my workstation, and a few ideas. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say the bow ties started out as ribbon and the bandanas were a hot mess! We all start somewhere, right?! That was nearly 3 years ago!

If anything, remember this –

Anyone can create a business, but what makes yours unique is how you use your own imagination to create something new. We all have our own sources of inspiration, but what will allow you to thrive is to do your own thing. Brainstorm, trial + error, and create items that come from you and no one else. Be different.



P.S. I can’t get into too much detail yet, but I’ll tell you this much. I’ve been working on four NEW products, yes FOUR. Two of these products are coming this Spring! I’ve been working on these products for over a year now. Why a year? Because I won’t release a product till I’m 110% satisfied with the result. Many months of trial + error and sourcing the supplies for the highest quality I can find and nothing less. I'm excited to show you what's to come in 2017 and hope that you continue to follow our journey! 




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